Issues with RedBoard Artemis -> OpenLog Artemis Logging Communication

Hi @ KSaunders,

I think you might be getting yourself mixed up here? OpenLog Artemis and the Qwiic OpenLog are two very different products. OpenLog Artemis will recognize and log data from a list of supported I2C sensors. The Qwiic OpenLog is a different type of logger, you push data to it over I2C and it writes it to SD card.

If the sensors you want to use are not on the list supported by OLA, then you could:

Adapt the example code for that sensor so it runs on the RedBoard Artemis and outputs the sensor readings as Serial1 (UART) text data.

Connect the Serial1 TX pin on the RedBoard to the RX pin on the OpenLog Artemis, and the OLA will log that serial data to one file while logging data from any supported, connected I2C sensors to a separate file.

You need to connect GND to GND also.

You can find the list of sensors that the OLA supports here:

It is possible to add new sensors to the OLA firmware, but sadly it is not easy or quick to do. Instructions are here if you need them: …

And here are the instructions you need to compile the OLA firmware: …

I hope this helps,