Max GPS frequency with other QWIIC data on Artemis

Thank you for your widely developed answer

In fact, after trying to measure angles with IMU, it appears that low cost IMU are too sensitives to orientation toward earth’s magnetic field.

So I want now to measure two physical angles, on a boat so waterproof solution are required. For that, magnetometer seems a good solution.

I am a bit disappointed that magnetometer are not supported by the OLA.

The MMC5983MA magnetometer appears to be interesting except that it has only one QWIIC connector so, difficult to use in a bus.

Concerning the ESP32 and the numerous interesting examples, I have a small difficulty as, except the ESP 32 motion, I have not found a ESP32 with SD card : could you give me the exact reference ?

I have also understood that SPI programming is more difficult.

So, it is clear that things become difficult …