Minibloq: Graphical programming environment for Arduino

Hi, I made it with some specific problems in mind, working together with other people: All of us are or were teaching robotics to kids (8 to 13 years old). And the mistakes like a forgotten “;” are common in the classroom. So this is intended for both kids and beginners, to improve teaching and self teaching.

One big difference with other environments, is that this is being specifically designed to make the transition from graphical programming to text based, that´s because the user can see the code, with colored syntax, etc., and even copy that and paste in the standard Arduino IDE or Maple IDE.

Another difference, for example, with the NXT-G, is that here the program flows vertical, not horizontally, so the blocks and the code are more similar (oh, and we have zoom, :slight_smile: ).

And finally, Minibloq is expandable by the user, with XML, so there is no limit to the things that can or can’t be done. My hope is that if all this stuff works, a lot of people could be introduced easly, then expand the environment, and finally go the text based programming.

Regards, and thanks!