Minibloq: Graphical programming environment for Arduino


I am a long time FIRST LEGO League coach. I have lots of experience teaching students with Mindstorms. I can tell you that RIS and NXT-G are simply awful teaching languages. Yes, they get a team up and running quickly, but they have little growth opportunety. Once you fill up your limited memory with all the Labview run time engine, you have little space (or speed) available to do any real work. The NXT-G icons are also so powerful that they discourage the students from learning what is really happening in the computer.

My prefered legal language is Robolab. Another Labview tool, but in this case, Labview generates native code like a compiler does. It also is very barebones (like C) and makes students THINK. Yes, it is slower to get them started, but they can go much farther.

I hope you take these ideas to mind when you develop your language. If you wish to talk more, we can go offline and talk privately.