Minibloq: Graphical programming environment for Arduino

Hi Skye, many thanks for your feedback. It’s very valuable for us. Regarding some of the things you mention, I can tell the following:

  1. Minibloq generates native code. It has very very little overhead (in fact, the only overhead is the Arduino core, already there when programming with the Arduino IDE). And as the Arduino core is precompiled, the compilation is faster than the Arduino-IDE.

  2. The backend is the gcc, so the hex is as efficient any other gcc compiled hex.

  3. The blocks are very simple. In general they are equivalent to a single Arduino command. And the user can do some things in a lot of ways. For example: You can drive a motor with the Motor block, or you can drive it with (a few) IOPin and AnalogPin (PWM) bloqs, doing it the hard way. That’s up to the user, or to the teacher. In future versions (not the v1.0), we are planning to add some kind of user profiles, so the teacher could set which blocks the students can or can’t use. But that’s in the roadmap, not a current feature.

A question: I’m not so familiar with this forum, how can we go offline to talk?

Thanks again!