OpenLog Artemis Battery power & reset


The No-Power-Loss version of the firmware may solve your issue. But, sadly, the RTC is reset each time power is connected. Please see: …

OpenLog_Artemis-V10-v25-NoPowerLossProtection.bin is a special build of v2.5 which has no power loss protection

With the normal firmware, the OLA goes into deep sleep if the power fails or is disconnected. This allows the Real Time Clock to keep running, but it does mean that a reset is required to wake the OLA again.

With the NoPowerLossProtection firmware, the code does not go into deep sleep when the power is lost, meaning that it will restart automatically as soon as power is reconnected.

This can be useful for embedded OLA systems which are hard to access. The downside is that the Real Time Clock setting is lost when the OLA restarts.

I hope this ~helps,