OpenLog Artemis Battery power & reset

Hi cjlyth,

Thanks again for reporting this issue - and thank you for your patience. It has had us scratching our heads somewhat for the past week!

The OLA has a helpful feature that when the external power fails or is disconnected, it switches over to drawing power from the small on-board rechargeable battery to keep the RTC running. What we had forgotten to do was to add any way to bring the OLA out of that state. As you correctly identified, you needed to:

  • connect external power and then press the reset button

  • or wait for the small RTC battery to discharge and then reconnect power

  • or connect via USB and open the serial monitor (which also triggers a reset)
  • If you uploaded code via USB, then disconnected USB and then connected your LiPo battery, it would have ended up in the low power state. You would have needed to press the reset button to wake it again.

    We have corrected this in version v14 of the code. The GitHub repo now contains instructions on how to use the Artemis Firmware Uploader to upgrade the OLA firmware:


  • …
  • Please try the new OpenLog_Artemis-X04-v14_BETA binary. We added a WatchDog Timer feature which will automatically bring the OLA out of its low power state when power is reconnected. This will, I hope, resolve your needing-to-reset issue.

    The RTC keeps running while the OLA is in the low power state. The RTC should only ever lose track of time if:

  • you update the firmware via USB

  • the small RTC battery discharges completely
  • I can’t tell from your description if this is why you were seeing the RTC being reset. Can you please try v14 and let me know if you see an RTC reset again? The RTC battery does take some time to charge. Please let it recharge either from USB or LiPo before trying this.

    v14 also includes a new feature which will let you set the time from a u-blox GPS module. This will set the RTC to UTC, but we have included an offset feature too which you can use to set the RTC to local time instead. You will find this new feature in the Time Stamp menu but will only be able to see it if you have the GPS module connected.

    I do hope the new code resolves all of your problems. Please give it a try and let us know.

    Thank you,