Use OpenLog Artemis with a non autodetected QWIIC sensor

Hi @MaxFreedman,

Adding new sensors is “straight forward”. I think that’s the best way to describe it…! But you do need to be familiar with Arduino and C and you do need to have all of the sensor Arduino Libraries plus SdFat installed. Details are here: …

The code itself is here: … og_Artemis

The library list is included in the code: … #L285-L312

Please note: … is.ino#L14

Just FYI, we will be releasing a new framework early next year which will make it much easier to add new devices. The BME680 is already included and we will be adding support for the SEN54 particle + VOC sensor.

I hope this helps,


Hi Paul.

A couple of quick questions if it’s ok…

  1. is there a planned or even provisional released date for the new framework?

  2. is there a provisional list of auto detected sensors?

and lastly …

  1. are there any expanded IMU / accelerometer options on the list (ADXL375 or something similar for instance) - I need high G :smiley: