Wireless access to OLA terminal

I have attached a RN-42 to the OLA board on the RX/TX pins and power it with the 3V3 pin. If I connect via the USB COM port, it successfully initiates a session (spits out the below). I can then also connect through the bluetooth COM port and through that terminal can also view the data output, and initiate commands. But, I cannot initiate through just the bluetooth connection. Is there a special port setting or something that I need to or something else I’m missing. I’ve been using mobaxterm but have also tried putty. Thanks!

SD init failed (second attempt). Is card present? Formatted?

Please ensure the SD card is formatted correctly using https://www.sdcard.org/downloads/formatter/

Config file read failed: SD offline

Artemis OpenLog v2.4

SD card offline

Datalogging offline

Serial logging offline

IMU online

Identifying Qwiic Muxes…

Identifying Qwiic Devices…

No Qwiic devices detected

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