Wireless access to OLA terminal

Hi Ryan,

We do still plan to implement BLE support on the OLA, but sadly not soon. We’ve got a bunch of other stuff to tackle first.

Using the USB-C port directly would be tricky as the port is expecting to be connected to a host. To connect a USB-wireless device, you would need the Artemis to be the host. It might be easier to hack the board, remove the CH340E, and connect the RX0/TX0 to a wireless module? e.g. https://www.sparkfun.com/products/17255 But, if you do that, you would almost certainly have problems when uploading new firmware as that procedure needs access to the RTS pin too.

Yes, you could change the code so that the menus etc. are accessed via the RX and TX pins, but you would need to disable the serial logging and analog read code first. Then replace all of the Serial calls with SerialLog.

My advice would be to try option 3 first. Removing the CH340 is a bit drastic.

Good luck!

All the best,