Any interest in Telit GE863 Quad breakout board?

I have jut finished a prototype of GE863-QUAD breakout board. It is prepared for usage with an Arduino compatible board.

The main features are:

  • The PCB designed for 100% full hand assembling of GE863

  • Easy switching between serial communication PC-GE863 or Arduino-GE863

  • Electret microphone on the PCB

  • 1W Fully-Differential Audio Amplifier

  • DTMF receiver for easy controlling of something using any phone

  • Back up capacitor for alarm features (GSM module can reset Arduino board)

  • Electrodynamic buzzer

  • Embedded PCB Antenna and MMCX connector

  • 2A LDO power supply for GSM module

  • GSM module can be supplied either from USB or adaptor (it will chose automatically)

  • SIM holder

I would like to solve following features in the finall version:

  • Battery, charger support

  • Add some inputs and outputs (directly from GSM module)

  • I will probably skip PCB antenna (quite large) and use a right angle SMA connector (very common)

Does anybody have any inputs what to include to the finall version also?