ATTINY85 OLED library

Can someone please help me. I am looking for a smaller graphics library that will fit on am attiny85 that has a arduino bootloader on it. I have my SPI OLED display working on an atmega328pu. However when I try to compile for attiny85 I get an error that it will not fit out of region error

I am using the method from high-low tech to program attiny85 with arduino and the u8glib library.

IDE: Arduino 1.6.1 Windows 7 X2

Attiny85 8mhz internal clock

display .96" SPI ssd1306

I have also tried to remove some of the code from u8glib.h file but I think I keep removing to much.

You can tell by [this page that he didn’t use a library nor a bootloader. The only reason I would use a bootloader is to set the correct fuses. Once you upload the code, the bootloader gets erased anyway.](Attiny85 Breakout Keychain Game – Webboggles)