Error writing memory data on ATmega32U4 via DFU programmer

Our board is based on the Lilypad USB Board, so the LilypadUSB hex file should be the right one, I guess?

We got the source file from here: … LilyPadUSB.

Here is the full debug from the terminal:

   target: atmega32u4
   chip_id: 0x2ff4
   vendor_id: 0x03eb
   command: flash
   quiet: false
   debug: 10000
   device_type: AVR
------ command specific below ------
   validate: false
   hex file: Caterina-LilyPadUSB.hex

dfu.c:414: dfu_device_init( 1003, 12276, 0x7fff5ba50b60, true, false )
dfu.c:431: found device at USB:10,0
dfu.c:663: Found DFU Inteface: 0
dfu.c:293: dfu_abort( 0x7fff5ba50b60 )
dfu.c:204: dfu_get_status( 0x7fff5ba50b60, 0x7fff5ba50a78 )
dfu.c:230: ==============================
dfu.c:232: status->bStatus: OK (0x00)
dfu.c:233: status->bwPollTimeout: 0x0001 ms
dfu.c:235: status->bState: dfuIDLE (0x02)
dfu.c:236: status->iString: 0x00
dfu.c:237: ------------------------------
dfu.c:688: State: dfuIDLE (2)
atmel.c:1295: atmel_flash( 0x7fff5ba50b60, 0x7fff5ba50a28, false, false )
atmel.c:1158: atmel_flash_prep_buffer( 0x7fff5ba50a28 )
atmel.c:1335: Flash available from 0x0 to 0x6FFF (64kB p. 0 to 0), 0x7000 bytes.
atmel.c:1339: Data start @ 0xFFFFFFFF: 64kB p 65535; 128B p 0x1FFFFFF + 0x7F offset.
atmel.c:1343: Data end @ 0x7FF9: 64kB p 0; 128B p 0xFF + 0x79 offset.
atmel.c:1348: Totals: 0x7FFB bytes, 4261413121 128B pages, 4294901762 64kB byte pages.
atmel.c:1353: ERROR: Data exists outside of the valid target flash region.
Hex file error, use debug for more info.
commands.c:360: Error writing memory data. (err -1)

As far as I see and mentioned before, the hex file is too large.

How is it that the file is too large, even though we have the same microcontroller as Lilypad?

Did I miss something?