How to adjust program?

Good afternoon~brothers :smiley: I’m coming again.Would you like to know which question I brought? :dance: OK, let’s go into the subject.

I learn NRF24L01 not long ago.Recently I am confusing about this question a long time when I’m adjusting program.I hope I can find the answer from this forum.

I send the program according to the adjusting way–disability response,disabled automatic retransmission and receive channel 0 in the disability. If it can send successfully the STATUS should be 0*2e (46), there are not problem.

However! ! The another fifo_status should be 011,but here just 001, what mean that TX_FIFO is no empty…so I add spi_rw_reg(flush_tx,0) which set before delivery mode when I sent the program.II have try it even add it in the main function, , , , , , Unfortunately,It’s always 0*01.I have no choice. What I can do is post it to the forum and I hope there are manipulators to help me. :doh:

Thank you for taking time to reading my questions,all your advice will be appreciated!


Nobody can solve this question ? OK…I have no time to solve it before I handed up my homework…

Your first message is too dificult to understand. It seems to have been translated and that didn’t help.

Also, you don’t show your code, so how are we supposed to suggest alternative solutions.

Last, what’s up with that last link? An attempt at advertising?