How to Program PIC18 Microcontroller in C

Hello All,

Currently, one of my friend post a tutorial about programming a pic18 microcontroller in C, But the delay time programing code (can be seen in the below ref link) for pic18 microcontroller is irrelevant according to one of the blog reader, Please have a review. if it is right, then we may share on SparkFun for newbies. Thanks in advance.

[How to Program a PIC18 Microcontroller

:think: :snooty:](How to Program/Burn a Microcontroller - Step by Step Tutorial)

I see that you’ve been spamming your site here. Not that it’s a bad thing, since you are trying to contribute in a good way, but I have to say that you’re in the wrong forum for a PIC…

If someone is willing to fork over $250 for a PIC C compiler, do you think they will need a guide for “newbies”?

Atmel is extremely lucky that people are willing to provide and maintain avrgcc for free, and I’m puzzled why Microchip has never really followed suit.

Atmel Studio is as good as it gets. For free.

PIC was a good washing machine controller but lingers today with 1970’s architecture.