MAC Address is the same on every device


When programming the device through mbed OS (not sure about arduino) every device has the following mac address:


Is there any way to change this so multiple devices can be used in the same area?


I have the same issue, 2 x Edge board both with exactly the same device address as you have. I have spend some time and have figured out that a number of Apollo3 chips seem to have a Bluetooth chip with the same pre-programmed device address.

While you can not change this permanent, you can change it until a next reset. After reset it will reload the pre-programmed device address and you have to apply the change again.

I have created attached sketch (depends on Sparkfun library 2.0.2 and ArduinoBLE 1.1.3).

Make sure to READ the comments in the top of the sketch as a small change needs to be applied in ArduinoBLE. With that I can now set a different BLE address on both my 2 Edge boards and ATP.

Update_Apollo3_bdaddr.txt (5.22 KB)