MicroMod Mainboard Double damaging STM32 MCU boards while using WizNet5500 ethernet function board?


Noticed revisions to both carrier boards. Hookup guide describes the differences (pasted below).

Seems in my hobbyist view a lot of changes incorporate several protection measures with the new revision.

Was anything discovered as a result of the investigation performed on this thread? If there’s potential to unintentionally zap hardware when using the old revisions, it would be nice to get any idea on any precautions available to avoid damaging components during normal usage.

Revision Changes

The following changes to the Main Board Single V2.1 and Main Board Double V2.2 include:

Rotate silkscreen for the connectors and a majority of the labels.

Add TVS diodes for ESD protection on the USB pins.

Add SHLD jumper to isolate the USB Type C connector’s shield pin.

Add a 5V MEAS PTH jumper as a measurement for 5V.

Remove the 500mA/100mA selector for the LiPo charge circuit. The board now charges at a default rate of 500mA only.

Add a DIVIDER jumper to remove the resistor divider that is connected to processor’s “BATT_VIN/3” pin for low power applications.

Add a dedicated 3.3V/500mA voltage regulator for the Qwiic port.

Add GPIO control of 3.3V voltage regulator (I2C_SCL1-Processor).

Add a LED for the 3.3V Qwiic port with a QWIIC LED jumper to disable.

Add a transistor to disable power to the microSD socket (can be controlled using I2C_SCL1-Processor).

Add multiplexed primary UART pins to send serial data to Function Board(s).

Add PTH pins for multiplexed UART (Main Board Single v2.1 only).

Move PWR_EN0 from SDIO_Data2_Processor to PWM1 (Main Board - Single v2.1 only)

Add two 2.2kΩ I2C pull-ups to the primary I2C pins with jumpers (I2C) to disable.

Replace male header pins and 2-pin shunt with SMD switches to adjust the Function Board Power enable pins (Main Board - Double v2.2 only).

Add option to adjust Function Board One’s secondary SPI CS pin (i.e. “CS1-processor” and “A1-processor”) with a SMD switch (Main Board - Double V2.2 only).