Piconomic FW Library, quick start guides, tuts, examples

Hi everyone,

I have upgraded the Piconomic FW Library to the next level. It contains an extensive framework so that you can quickly develop new applications, an Atmel AVR quick start guide, tutorials, examples and quick start guides:

I have also developed the [Atmel ATmega328P Scorpion Board as the ideal companion. The killer app is a [CLI (Command-line interpreter) application that runs on the Atmel ATmega328P. It allows you to hook up a device and experiment with GPIO, SPI, I2C and UART without writing a line of C code. There is also simple, but robust record-based filesystem for AT45D DataFlash called [log_fs that I worked really hard on and am proud of. There is a [analog voltage data logger and [pressure&temp data logger that demonstrates log_fs.

Please check it out and let me know your thoughts.


Pieter](http://piconomic.co.za/fwlib/_p_i_c_o_n_o_m_i_c__s_c_o_r_p_i_o_n__b_o_a_r_d__a_p_p__d_a_t_a__l_o_g_g_e_r__t_e_m_p__p_r_e_s_s_u_r_e.html)](http://piconomic.co.za/fwlib/_p_i_c_o_n_o_m_i_c__s_c_o_r_p_i_o_n__b_o_a_r_d__a_p_p__d_a_t_a__l_o_g_g_e_r__a_d_c.html)](http://piconomic.co.za/fwlib/group___l_o_g___f_s.html)](http://piconomic.co.za/fwlib/_p_i_c_o_n_o_m_i_c__s_c_o_r_p_i_o_n__b_o_a_r_d__a_p_p__c_l_i.html)](http://piconomic.co.za/product/atmel-atmega328p-scorpion-board/)](piconomix-fwlib download | SourceForge.net)](http://piconomic.co.za/fwlib/index.html)