Project enclosure source

Can anyone recommend a good source for project boxes? Looking for a box at least 5.5" x 4.5" with battery door (2 or 4 AA). I’ve already looked at Mouser, Digikey, and Newark.

I’ve used both stock and custom enclosures from, and been very happy with them. Not sure if they have one that matches your requirements exactly but take a look.

Here’s a list of manufacturers, one of them may have what you are looking for:

  • New Age Enclosures:




    EAI :



    OKW Enclosures:

  • Polycase has handheld enclosures with a battery compartment for 2AA batteries. For the size you’re looking at I suggest the VM-35.

    Both SERPAC and OKW will send you free samples of almost any of their enclosures. I recommend SERPAC, they are USA made and are higher quality. (SERPAC will send you 3 of almost any of their enclosures for free)