Putting a number on port of Atmega32 via RS232

Hi guys,

I have a problem with Using Visual basic interfacing with atmega32. My goal is sending a number which enters in Visual basic 6(VOL1 in Picture) and driving PORTB atmega32 by this number. for example if I enter 4 in VOL1, 0000 0100 (its binary) set in PORTB. I activated Usrat in codevision and its hardware (max 232 and DB9). RS232 works well because I could control some pins of atmega32 by code. ( for example I decribed a code of “q”, If Check1.Value = 1 Then

MSComm1.Output = “q”

End If

but I dont know how I can do it for sending a number…please help me…I want to send number via visual basic and putting it on port of atmega32…help me…

I converted my number to hex and then sent to micro controller by rs232.

my code in visual basic is here is here

gg = Text1.Text 
tt = Hex(gg)
MSComm1.Output = tt
Text3.Text = tt

in micro I received it by getchar()…my code is here( expressions such as “t”, “q” , … are for other orders)

       if ( (a !='t')&&(a !='u')&&(a !='v') &&(a !='w')&&(a !='x')&&(a !='y')&&(a !='z')&& (a !='s')&&(a !='g')&&(a !='h') &&(a !='i')&& (a !='j')&&(a !='k')&&(a !='l') && (a !='m')&&(a !='n') &&(a !='f') &&(a !='b')  &&(a !='c') &&(a !='d')&&(a !='e')&& (a !='q'))   

But there is a problem yet…sometimes the number puts on PORT of micro is true (for 1,2 and 3) but the number of 4 does not put correct on the PORT…I do not know why…please help me…