Sound Level Warning Device: Suggested shopping list

I used the hookup guide for the unit you recommended, not the MEMS breakout. … okup-guide

Regardless, I don’t know enough to make it run a NeoPixel ring (which I just today found out requires a separate 5v source) and even though I did successfully get it to light up a single LED, for some reason once it lights up, it stays lit up and will not go back under “Moderate” levels of sound.

Take into account that this cry for help is coming from someone who doesn’t really know the difference between amps and volts, and who’s only real-world experience with capacitors comes from 20 years ago when I discovered that if you heated them with a magnifying glass and the sun, they would explode.

I do not have confidence that I will be able to learn what I need to do this on my own by this Thursday. I fully understand that just asking someone to try to code this for me is kind of a dick move, but I’m not sure what my other options are at this point.

To be clear, there really wasn’t enough time budgeted for this project from the start…yet, here I am.