Wake on Motion ADXL362 + Arduino

OK, I’ll play the peevish design review chairman …

It looks as if you’re powering the 7805, ProMini and ADXL362 all the time. That has the potential to be a battery killer. How can you (can you?) mitigate this ?

If this is going into a Lexus w/uber soft ride, will it stay on when traveling down a long stretch of highway ? Might a better turn off criteria be thought of ?

The raw “battery” supply in a car can be quite noisy and “spikey”. Do you need more filtering and/or some Transorbs ?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transient- … sion_diode

Why not use the onboard regulator of the ProMini ? (saves a regulator)

Is a ‘low side’ switch appropriate for auto use ? Why not a ‘high side’ switch and let the device use chassis for the return ? (saves a wire)