About Artemis logger baudrate

Hi Paul,

The process:

  • I start with an artemis logger configured at 500kbps, I might have set that frequency. The logger does not have the microsd plugged in

  • I communicate with it using a serial port communication software (Mobaxterm) with my computer connected to the USB port, I open the channel at 115200bps and the communication resumes

  • I configure a new serail baudrate speed by pressing ‘any key’ + 4 + 4 and then set a configuration, like for example 9600

  • I check the configuration and indeed it appears 9600 bps

  • I reset using the reset button

  • I check the config of the board, it says serial logging speed is 9600bps

  • I disconnect the usb and plug it back and check again and baudrate is 9600, so far, so good

  • While the usb cable is disconnected (logger is off), I plug in the microsd (1GB)

  • I connect the usb and check the baudrate: it has changed by itself to 256kbps - not good

  • I reset using the button, remains at 256kbps

  • I remove USB cable, remove SD card, connect USB cable without SD, check speed and it is 115200 :o

  • Reconfigure it back to 9600

  • reset, play around, remains 9600

  • while off, put back the microsd, check speed: 115200

  • change speed to 256kbps

  • power cycle, reset, speed remains 256kbps

  • remove microsd, speed remains 256kbps

To me it looks like there’s an internal memory but if you have used the microsd before, the configuration inside the microsd might have a higher priority than the internal memory or the like.