Actully installing a W10 device driver for a AVR Pocket Programmer

Having just wasted 5 minutes writing a product review on the AVR Pocket Programmer which never appeared on the web page after submission I will try my luck here!

I recently obtained one of these programmers. I cannot find any detailed step by step instructions as to how to get a Windows 10 (W10) device driver loaded to work with it. Sure the SparkFun product directs you to:- … er/Drivers

but then what. The install_x64.exe does not appear to do anything. The file has a .inf file that is not accepted by W10 using the W10 Legacy Drivers install mode.

Could somebody tell me how to actually get this thing to work such that I can from within the Arduino IDE burn a bootloader on a virgin 328 chip.

Second, is it true one cannot use this device to burn a bootloader into a MEGA2560 chip. If so a real disappointment!!!

Sorry if these questions have been addressed before. A quick scan here did not show them up.