Apollo 3 Won't Install

I started a project to create a color meter and I’m way over my head as I have no software development experience. Here is the project I’m following. https://github.com/juztins-lab/roast-me … structions I keep facing the same issue with adding the apollo board manager. Every time I put the html in, I get this error

Is there a better url to use to get the apollo board added?

I’m using this url for it https://raw.githubusercontent.com/spark … index.json

Looks to me the correct link. Looks to me a problem in the preferences / additional boards manager URL. Check that you past it correctly on a separate line. Maybe remove the paste you have done and check that the update indexes work correctly for the other boards.

Hi Paul! This is what I have. It just won’t update the indexes. Is there another possible fix I could try

Try to re-install the Arduino IDE and try again. Looks to me something is mixed up in your installation.