Issues with RedBoard Artemis -> OpenLog Artemis Logging Communication

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the input! I’ve got mixed results now and some new issues have popped up.

First off, it seems like the only time I get consistent logging is after I’ve sent over new code to the setup. When I power off the setup, read the SD card, re-insert it, and power it on again, it will not log. I am not sure if it’s me unplugging the setup that messes everything up. Also, I don’t really understand why the only time I can get it to log is directly after a new upload.

Another thing, I am having trouble keeping the settings the same between new sketches and between checking the SD card, especially the RTC from resetting. Again, I don’t know if it is due to my method of powering off the system.

Finally, I’ve encountered a few instances where the SD card becomes corrupted, or at least Windows says I need to format it again. This seems to happen whenever I press the reset button on the OpenLog Artemis.

I think that’s all the major issues/inconveniences for now. Again, please let me know if I need to provide any more information.