Issues with RedBoard Artemis -> OpenLog Artemis Logging Communication

I’ve encountered another hiccup with the OpenLog Artemis. It seems like the only RTC timestamp to log in to the serial is 10. I have tried 13, 27, and other unformatted deci timestamp tokens, but they seem to be unrecognized by the OpenLog. I have done the Q->Y approach to safely close the OpenLog, and I have enabled Pin 32 turn-off to safely turn off after a log session. I also check the OpenLog settings on the SD card, which for some reason seem to differ from the settings I just saved from the Q->Y. Is there an optimal way to call in a timestamp token for OpenLog to see it consistently? I’ve been using Serial1.print(10); function.

Just so that I can get the best results, I would like the timestamp to be on the same line as the token. I believe “10” puts the timestamp underneath the token. If/When I get consistent token calling results, which option (10,13,27, other) would be best to achieve this result?

For reference, I would like each line of data to be: “end line”, or “end line”.