Issues with RedBoard Artemis -> OpenLog Artemis Logging Communication


You can enable and adjust the serial timestamp token in the Configure Serial Logging menu - but I guess you already did that? Once enabled, it defaults to decimal 10 (Hex 0x0A) which is line feed. 13 is carriage return - another good choice.

You need to make sure that your serial device / RedBoard code is adding the terminator correctly. Just to make sure you can use Serial1.print(“\r\n”); to print both a carriage return and a line feed. println should add both automatically, but it’s good to do it manually just to make sure both are sent. Another way is to use write: Serial1.write(10); and Serial1.write(13); . Be careful with Serial1.print(10); as it will send the ASCII characters “1” and “0”…

Sadly, there is no way to adjust the printing format of the timestamp - unless you change and recompile the code. The relevant lines are here: … #L611-L619

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