Myoware 2.0 sensor not working

Hello, I recently got the 2.0 myoware sensor and I am unable to read my muscle activity correctly. I have the sensor connected to an arduino that I use with a USB isolator. I have a basic arduino code that reads the analog output, but every time I contract my muscle (I’ve multiple muscles), I dont see an indicator light on the sensor nor do I see the signal rising up significantly -instead it outputs a fluctuating low reading. Note that i already have a myoware 1.0, and with the same electode placement I do get a proper signal reading with the sig light also turning on when I contract. Im starting to think that there is an issue with the new sensor I recently bought since the old one still works. I tried testing it several times and read alot of other troubleshooting tips on here and under myoware’s reddit but nothing helped. I am again certain the issue is with the actual sensor I received. I’d appreciate some help!

Yea, since you have a 1.0 working I’m inclined to think it’s likely a defective sensor

Was it purchased from us? If so head over to (contact vendor if purchased elsewhere) and we’ll get ya squared away