Openlog Artemis - Geophone Logger using ADS1015

Hi Paul,

To see if it is even possible I’m trying to read the data from the ADS1015 without a Mux to begin with (I do have one though for later). The MbedOS crash only happens when there is a call to get values from the ADC through I2C, like getDifferential(ADS1015_CONFIG_MUX_DIFF_P0_N1) . Since there has been some changes/updates made to the current Openlog firmware and I had to make changes for the Geophone logger code to work, there is a possibility there is a mistake in the initialization which causes this crash but the output it gives is not really helpful. I tested defining TEST_PERIOD_1 and TEST_AMPLITUDE_1 to see if the code works with “fake data” and it did.