Openlog Artemis - Geophone Logger using ADS1015

Hi Paul,

I made a fork and implemented the code with the ADS1015 up to the point where I get a MbedOS Error. I am using the Red OLA.

[Here is the fork.

The mentioned error is still present :

++ MbedOS Error Info ++
15:15:25.026 -> Error Status: 0x80010133 Code: 307 Module: 1
15:15:25.026 -> Error Message: Mutex: 0x1000F244, Not allowed in ISR context
15:15:25.026 -> Location: 0x2F55F
15:15:25.026 -> Error Value: 0x1000F244
15:15:25.026 -> Current Thread: main Id: 0x1001213C Entry: 0x2F431 StackSize: 0x1000 StackMem: 0x10013DC0 SP: 0x1005FE8C 
15:15:25.026 -> For more info, visit:
15:15:25.066 -> -- MbedOS Error Info --

Everything works when using the fake data #DEFINEs. I don’t know right now what could be the thing triggering the MbedOS error.

Would appreciate that quick look when you have to time.


RiskLogger](GitHub - Taav00/OpenLog_Artemis_Geophone_Logger at 5950dc10d7eed1cff69d8422ac8af707ef9242b7)