OpenLog Artemis not detecting KX134 accelerometer

I tried uploading several times. I get the following message:

Artemis Firmware Upload

Baud: 115200

File: /OpenLog_Artemis-V10-v25.bin

Port: /dev/tty.usbserial-1420

Artemis SVL Bootloader - Version: 5

[Uploading] █████████████████████████████████████████ 100%

Upload Successful

The serial terminal connects but doesn’t display anything, and no LED’s illuminate on the board. I am using USB-C to USB-C cable connecting directly to a Mac mini. Hardware is Mac mini (2018) 3.2Ghz 6-core intel core i7 16GB ram. I am using macOS Monterey Version 12.6.3.

I tried on a windows machine and could update the bootloader to update and install firmware ver 2.5. However, I still don’t get the LED’s to light on the datalogger PCB except a quick blink of the orange LED on connection and no LED’s when connecting sensor boards. Also, there isn’t any output when connecting with Putty.