SparkFun LoRa Thing Plus expLoRaBLE not working

Sunday, 2021-03-07, update

Once I disconnected that ExpLoRaBLE board completely, including from battery, for a truly cold reboot, it then worked. Radio evidently needed a reset that it did not get with battery connected?

I'm testing this card and I had the same problems you described above.

I solved the pending issues with the mapping of the pins and he started to make the transmission attempts.

However, nothing was received on TTN. Alias, it looks like it passes the join very quickly.

The pinmap I defined was this:

#define _NSS 36
#define _MOSI 38
#define _MISO 43
#define _SCK 42
#define _Busy 39
#define _DIO1 40
#define _DIO3 47
#define _NRESET 44

I know some are not used, but I made sure to put them all.

As a last test, I did what you suggested to turn off the power module and turn it on again. But I was not successful.

Did you find out anything else about this?