Unable to upload to STM32 Thing Plus

2 things that the guide mentions https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/st … rogramming

As of this writing, SparkFun is using the DFU bootloader to upload code to the STM32 Thing Plus. In order to do so, you need to do the following:

1 Press and hold down the Boot button

2 Press and release the Reset button while continuing to press the Boot button

3 Keep pressing the Boot button until the code is uploaded (from software)

Note: If the blue LED remains dimly lit, it’s probably still sitting in the bootloader. After uploading a sketch, you may need to tap the RST button to get your STM32 Thing Plus to begin running the sketch.

Try that sequence for uploading; is the blue LED dimly lit after attempting?

That’s the procedure I’m following. When I press (and hold) the boot button the reset it goes into bootloader mode. I can tell because I hear the computer beep. But it won’t upload. I do notice that the COM port is greyed out - not sure if it should be or not but the Arduino IDE says it’s not connected.

That page also says to cubeprogrammer as the upload method, which I’ve set. But, when I launch the cube programmer it can’t find it either - so wondering if it has the DFU firmware installed at all. Just not sure how to check that or do a manual install myself.

Searching online it seems as if I should see it in device manager when in boot mode though I do not.