Venus modules

Right to download the AGPS data

Send: 0xA0, 0xA1, 0x00, 0x01, 0x35, 0x35, 0x0D, 0x0A (start DL)

Rec: 0xA0, 0xA1, 0x00, 0x02,0x83, 0x35, 0xB6, 0x0D, 0x0A (ACK)

Send: “BINSIZE = %lu Checksum = %lu \0”

where BINSIZE is the data length and Checksum is the sum of all bytes %256

Rec: “OK\0”


Send a block of 8192 bytes of data or whatever is left

Rec: “OK\0”

while (there is more data)

Rec: “END\0” (the Venus seems to send this twice ??)

If the checksum is wrong you will recieve “Error2\0”

If you send too little data the Venus times out and resets disabling AGPS aiding

The example app by skytraq sends 2 checksums (the second is the sum of the first 0x10000 bytes %256) however this seems to be ignored in the venus 6 so I’ve left it out.