Generating Gerbers through automation

I have two scrolling displays made out of descrete LEDs(300+). They are both handwired punchboard. The LEDs are on a front panel and the circuitry is on a back panel. I believe the front panel is 14’ by 6’.

The current devices are alittle on the unreliable side. If someone taps it hard some of the lights will stop working. So I’m looking to replace all or part of the displays with PCBs.

The question is how do I go about making a large board that is the same pattern repeated over and over again. I have a student licensed version of eagle(not the free version) but it won’t work with boards that large. What are my options?

How hard would it be to write a C program to directly generate the gerber files through automation?

if you can layout the repeated pattern in your version of eagle, use gerbmerge to panelize it. It’s free but takes a little fussing to get installed. Once you get it working it’s snap to use