How to apply electrodes and measure myoelectric potential

I attached an electrode to the extensor digitorum communis muscle and performed grasping and dorsiflexion, but the green lamp did not light up and there was no change in myoelectric potential. Therefore, we performed the same motion while pressing the electrode against the skin. As a result, the green lamp blinked and changes in myoelectric potential were confirmed.

However, it is not practical to measure myoelectric potential while pressing, so we are looking for a way to measure just by pasting. Is there any way?

You can try using a different type of electrode or ensure better skin preparation before attaching the electrode. Additionally, experimenting with electrode placement and adjusting the sensitivity of your equipment may help.

Thanks for the reply.

So, does this mean that I can’t measure myoelectricity depending on where I put it on?

I have tried the following three so far

  1. using different electrode pads

  2. considering how to apply the electrodes to the muscle

  3. hair removal and disinfection with alcohol at the place of application

However, the problem was not solved. I still think that the fundamental problem is the non-contact of the electrode pad with the hardware.