Myoware 2.0 gives no feedback

The setup is … gle-sensor

There is no waveform on the chart, it is blank no matter how much flexing is done.

The green light comes on and is off when in Raw mode.

In ENV mode the green light is on all the time.

Also, what I have is the kit. I have tried to go through the UNO that I have, which connects fine to my machine.

I did not make any modifications to the UNO.

Wondering if there is any software testing that should be done. Like some lines of code that will indicate a problem.

Also connected to the LED board that comes with the kit and that did not indicate any muscle-flexing either.

Is there a minimal setup that already works that I could buy?

Or I have to buy extra parts to troubleshoot with?

I need troubleshooting tips from the Myoware sensor to the Arduino Uno to eliminate each possibility but I can’t find instructions anywhere.

How does one start a return of the product?

My apologies for the delay here.

I have your ticket open that you E-mailed. We will get a return set up for you ASAP.