OpenLog Artemis - Remove Corrupted Files from microSD

I have just started with the [Visit phpBB!. I used the Arduino IDE to Export compiled Binary of [Firmware Version 2.4 which I successfully uploaded with the Artemis Firmware Upload GUI. To my frustration, I recently found corrupted files that have consumed the memory of my microSD, which I believe is causing logging issues (only logging blank lines).

I have saved the files I need to my computer (TeraTerm/Zmodem), so I would be content with removing all the files from the microSD card, but the commands rm * and del * do not work in the s) SD Card File Transfer menu. Copying the corrupted file names to use with rm and del does not work either. Interestingly, sz * seemed to work fine. I found [this GitHub thread for the OpenLog, is there a similar (or simpler) workaround for removing multiple files at once for the OpenLog Artemis?](Support Wildcard Delete · Issue #129 · sparkfun/OpenLog · GitHub)](Releases · sparkfun/OpenLog_Artemis · GitHub)](SparkFun OpenLog Artemis (without IMU) - DEV-19426 - SparkFun Electronics)

large corrupted files.png


I’d suggest removing the SD card and reformatting it in a PC or Mac - using the SD Association formatter:

I hope this helps,