Regarding noise reduction

I am using Wyoware 2.0. The parts used are as follows.

  1. MyoWare 2.0 Myopotential Sensor

  2. 3.5mm plug TRS audio cable - 1m

  3. MyoWare 2.0 Link Shield

  4. MyoWare 2.0 Arduino Shield

During use, noise will be generated during operation.

Here, noise can be reduced by using low and high pass filters during analysis, but is it possible to reduce noise by modifying the hardware?

Mostly just ensuring ideal placement, shaving, using a good muscle body/belly, etc…go through everything in the guide(s) first

Side note: a lot of it is color-coded instead of labeled with #'s … tGuide.pdf … pdated.pdf

OR … are-hookup (our guide is kind of a combination of the 2 above)