How to use MyoWare 2.0 without any shield

Hello there, my MyoWare 2.0 just arrived!

However, I am a bit confused as to how to use the MyoWare without any shield.

Could you please review my setup and tell me if those are correct? I would not want to cause any damage.

My current hardware is:

  • An arduino mega2560

  • EMG pads

  • the MyoWare

So, my plans are to:

  1. Solder the pins : VIN, GND, and ENV.

  2. Connect the VIN to 5V arduino pin, the GND to the GND arduino pin and ENV to analog A0 pin.

  3. unplug my laptop from the power source, connect my arduino to my laptop, and upload a sample code in order to read and print values from the analog 0 pin.

  4. Attach the pads to the MyoWare snap connectors.

  5. Attach the MyoWare to the target muscle using the pads.

Are all those right ?

Thank you!

Your steps appear correct - here’s our guide for further reference (click other topics on the right side) … cle-sensor