Artemis port not found Ardunio IDE

Mac 10.13.6

IDE lists Artemis

Updated CH340 driver

Tried mutiple USB ports and cables

UNO board works

1.8.19 version of IDE


Try switching the bootloader and/or baud rate per this guide … th-arduino ; also try uninstalling the ch340 drivers (mac shouldn’t require them?), and ensuring that the board definitions are up to date

If none of that works, perhaps test the device on PC or Linux instead, if available? Finally, if nothing works it might be a defective board and we can swap it out via

Worked on Windows. Thanks for your assistance

Just upgraded my mac to Mac OS 14, still has the same issue

2.2.1 version of IDE

Went back to WIn 10 laptop, did not see Artemis redboeard on Ardunio IDE Current, or 1.8.18

Went bacl to Mac 10.13.6 tried on 1.8.18 still no connect

is this a board issue or a driver issue?