Using (MAX32664) and (MAX30101) board with SparkFun DataLogger IoT

I’m considering using the

SparkFun Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate Sensor - MAX30101 & MAX32664 (Qwiic) … aoQAvD_BwE

with the

SparkFun DataLogger IoT … iwQAvD_BwE

which I’ve got working nicely with its internal 6DOF inertial sensor along with the Qwiic-connected 12-bit A/D board.

The webpage for the Biosensor board talks about 2 extra wires needed for the I2C connection, and I’m wondering if it really is plug-and-play with the DataLogger or not. Will show up in the menus without any extra connections?

Thanks very much

George Stetten

Professor, Bioengineering, U. Pitt.

All of the basic examples will work fine … r/examples out-of-the-box with a qwiic/4-wire i2c connection

You can also opt to use the MFIO and RST pins to accomplish more convoluted tasks